What is a clinical nutritionist?

What is a clinical nutritionist?

Clinical nutritionists are professionals trained in all aspects of nutrition, including food intake, digestion, and metabolism. They focus on the body's relationship to diet on a biochemical level. Prevention of disease, not cure, is the primary function of a certified clinical nutritionist.

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Why do I want to go to someone who is also a Functional Medicine Nutritional Practitioner?

Functional Medicine nutritional practitioner addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Shifting the traditional disease-centered focus to a more individualized approach, functional medicine nutritional practitioner addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional medicine nutritional practitioners spend time with their clients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, a functional medicine nutrition practitioner supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. 

Does it seem like you are constantly fighting to feel better? You are not alone.

A lack of energy, weight gain, aches and pains and sickness seem to be the norm these days. The search for relief often results in bouncing from Doctor to Doctor and doing your best to educate yourself. Due to a lot of misinformation, fad diets, trends, and contradicting advice, improving your health can be a very confusing and an overwhelming process.

There is another way!

Private Coaching provides support, knowledge and tools customized to your individual needs. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions and choices that allow you to make lasting changes and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Through Thermography and functional lab work we eliminate the guesswork and pinpoint underlying issues that most likely would never be detected or addressed through normal diet and lifestyle changes alone.

How is a FMN different?

Functional Medicine Nutrition is distinguished from other allopathic models in that it doesn’t believe in only looking to fix symptoms and health complaints. FMN goes one step further to seek the deepest level of underlying cause and malfunction in order to restore intended function.  Additionally, clients are more compliant and achieve better results when they are educated on function and healing, instead of just being treated for their symptoms.

FMN seeks clues about existence and location of malfunctions and hidden stressors before they actually cause disease, but helps educate clients so they can be in charge of their health.

Briefly, what can a FMNP be used for?

Provides nutritional support for any current stress, chronic stress or history of chronic stress, health issues such as digestive complaints, hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, weight gain, blood sugar problems, need for stimulants, insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low libido, memory, focus and concentration problems and more.

Think of symptoms as comparable to the engine light on the car dashboard indicating the need for some diagnostic work (FMNP investigative work)

Why you might need it.

By identifying the impact and sources of hidden and or chronic stress, test results can help with hormone balancing, immune malfunction, gut problems, detoxification issues, parasite detection and other functional ailments seen so commonly in today’s population.

Virtually all symptoms and diseases have their root in maladaptation to stress.

Your Steps to Health…

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Once you schedule an initial consultation you will recieve several intake forms

You will receive several personal health forms via email to fill out regarding your past and current health. You will also be instructed on keeping a 3 day food diary. If you would like prior lab testing to be reviewed, please submit these at least 48 hours before your first session.

Diet and Nutrition
In this part of the counseling session, the main focus will be on your diet and nutrition. Diet will play a significant role in your entire program (and life). We will discuss your diet up to this point and where we might need to tweek it for better health results. This is always such an interesting learning session because a lot of what we think is healthy is in fact not, when we base it on our own individuality. New lab work may be ordered at this time.

Interpretation of Data collected 
A practitioner will review your personal health history, food diary, thermography scan, and the results of your previous labs and any new labs requested. You will gain a clear understanding of your test results, how they correlate to your health issues, and then given a holistic approach of action steps you can incorporate immediately to help undo all the underlying stressors.

Your Custom Health Wellness Plan
Created for you in your through a culmination of your unique lifestyle, history and lab results. Your health wellness plan will give healing opportunities and help you engage in a proven health building process of self-care that includes proper diet, rest, exercise, supplementation and stress reduction. This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes.

You will work with a practitioner one on one, thereafter, until you have incorporated the necessary tools to be successful in your health journey.

Generally several common lab tests that may need to be ordered.

Lab tests that may be required, are Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count, and Lipid Panel. All of the results will come directly to you and Trinity Holistic Health Center for educational interpretation. Trinity Holistic Health Center practitioners do not diagnose, only medical doctors are allowed to diagnose a condition. 

*Lab fees are separate.